When two or more sensor fields are touched at the same time (except timer and child lock), the appliance igno- res the control signals and may trigger a fault 


Overview. Induction Cooker; Schott Ceran Glass; 9 Power Control Level; Timer up to 99 Minutes; Safety Child Lock; Overheating Protector 

Hi, I have a Whirlpool AKT 895 Schott Ceran hob which started flashing 8. on all the indicators on the hob after its last use. i have tried turing off the power and holding down the lock and off butto … read more Then, how do you unlock a Schott Ceran stovetop? Press and hold the key button for about 10 seconds and that should take the lock off. If not then press and hold the on/off button again for 10 seconds and see if that works. Beside above, how do you unlock a stove top? Be sure nothing is sitting on cooktop surface.

Schott ceran child lock

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karl qld australia. August 2010. If the CHILD lock is on ( [L] on all displays when switched on), then: 1)Hold the on switch for TWO secs min (unit swtiches on) then. 2) touch AND HOLD the + AND - for AT LEAST 2 secs. If you have a Siemens Schott Ceran cooktop, you can lock and unlock it, as well. You can lock the cooktop by pressing and holding the key touch button.

4 Cooking Zones. Frontleft: 1.8kw /*2.1kW (Ø210mm) Frontright: 1.2kw /*1.5kW (Ø160mm) Backleft :1.2kw /*1.5kW (Ø160mm) I have a glass schott ceran hob,a pan lid was left in it, so its locked out and i cant unlock it, showing f 1 3 A on the cooker Click here for how to mend it.

Switching the childproof lock on and off. . . . . . . . . . .7. Automatic Do not use inappropriate child safety shields This appliance may be used by children over.

12. Short-term timer.

Schott ceran child lock

Schott Ceran Glass (Black) Top Plate. Schott Ceran Glass. Touch Control. 2 Cooking Zones: Front: 1.8kw /*2.1kW (Ø210mm) Back: 1.8kW /*2.1kW (Ø160mm) Total connect load: 2900W. MaxAmp: 13A. Booster Function per zone* Timer Function. Residual heat indictor. Auto Pan Recognition Sensor. Automatic Safety Switch Off. Child Lock . Dimension: (mm)

When it comes to heat, Schott Ceran® glass meets the highest standard in withstanding temperature shocks of up to 700 degrees Celsius, and brings a piece of hi-tech into the kitchen. Made from natural raw materials with no toxic additives, it is incredibly good for the environment. SCHOTT CERAN® glass-ceramic cooking surfaces do not like all pots. To achieve the best possible cooking results, you should use stainless-steel or steel enamel cookware. A pot made of this material has a slightly concave base when cold and fits perfectly onto the cooking zone for its size – whether round or square. i have a schott ceran dplomat elite induction hob which we bought from mfi when it went into liquidation and somehow it has managed to lock on us and i have tried everything to get instruction manual and getting nowhere i turn to you with hope for an answer to this dilemna.

Schott ceran child lock

Ok so the control lock is turned on.
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Auto cut-off timer for each zone; Key Lock (Child lock) Minute Timer; Surface hot sensor I wish I had better news for you on this, but unfortunately the child lock mech is a permanent part of the circuitry;-(But so many people accidentally end up locking the unit. Please try this before I pass judgment on this as to advise you of a part possibly needed. Bếp từ ba EH-IH555 Giá: 24,500,000 VNĐ Tính năng sản phẩm * Bếp từ ba EH-IH555 ứng dụng công nghệ Inverter thông minh vượt trội * Công suất cực lớn Booster – 3700W với vùng nấu cực lớn 26cm * Tính Tủ kệ bếp, Thiết bị Nhà bếp Cao cấp - Bếp Hạnh Phúc, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. 599 likes · 4 talking about this.

1 extendable zone.
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Electric hob ( Zanussi 50D Schott Ceran) when switched on shows "L" and when any button is presssed switches - Answered by a verified UK Appliance Technician We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website.

Setting a cooking time. 13.

schott ceran ® brings high- end technology and sophisticated design to any kitchen. follow the link below to find your bosch owner manual. divar_ installation_ 

Dimensions . 590 x 520 x 60 . Other . Schott Ceran glass, bevelled edge . User manual SCHOTT CERAN GLASS.

Booster Function per zone* Timer Function. Residual heat indictor. Auto Pan Recognition Sensor.